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Ronald Reagan Riding Horse
Signed Four President Photo
A Major Historical Event Occurred on October 8, 1981, when, for the
First Time in History, 4 Presidents of The Unites States had their Photograph
Taken Together in The White House; following the Assassination of the President
of Egypt, Anwar Sadat. The Meeting of the 4 Presidents on October 8, 1981, was
an Event that Took Up a Total of Only 30 Minutes.

In Fact, Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), Resisted Coming at all, having a Sense that he was Being Used for a "Photo-Op". Interestingly, on the Flight to the Funeral, Gerald R. Ford (1974-1977) and Jimmy Carter wound up Sitting Next to Each Other. At the time, they were Barely Even Acquainted. After they Returned from the Funeral, this One Republican and the Only Democrat of the Four, Remained Steadfast Friends Forever.

According to a National Security Council Friend of Mr. Amyx, President Nixon (1969-1974) was Sometimes Surreptitiously called into The White House to Give his Personal Insight about Foreign Policy Matters to Both Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) and President George H.W. Bush (1989-1993).
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Signed White House Vignette by Ronald Reagan & George Bush
Ronald Reagan & George Bush Signed White House Engraving
Featured above is a Stunning Example of Two Highly Skilled Presidents
of The United States, being Asked to do a Special Favor for the Personal Secretary
of The President of The United States. The Request, made on Behalf of Mr. Amyx,
was that Vice President Bush Inscribe in Full, as well as Write his Title
Following his Signature and What Appears above...

“George Bush – Vice President – U.S.A.”

...was the Result. The Same Presidential Secretary Followed that up with a
Request to the Incumbent President, Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) to Do The Same as His Veep. He did so, Inscribing the above Piece,

"Ronald Reagan – President, June 15, 87".

Any Advanced Collector of Our Modern Presidents would be Proud to Possess such a Piece. A Splendid Example!
Ronald Reagan At Western White House

Ronald Reagan was Born in Illinois, in 1911 and Raised by a Loving Mother and an Alcoholic Father. He Moved to Los Angeles, California in the 1930s and Fairly Quickly Turned that into a Successful Film Making and Later Television Career.

Ronald Reagan’s 52 Hollywood Films were Enough to Make Him into a Household Name
by the Time He Ran for
Governor of California.

Originally a Member of the Democratic Party, Reagan Did Not Switch to the Republican Party until 1962.

19 Years Later, Ronald Reagan was to Go on to Become One of The Most Remarkable Presidents in The History of The United States.
George H.W. Bush (1924-) – was Born into Wealth as well as Station in Life.
However, George Bush was Never Above Making His Own Way. At the Age of 19;
at the Onset of World War II, Bush Applied for Flight School and was Accepted
into Training into The United States Navy. And he went on to Become the Youngest Combat Pilot (19), when He Was Shot Down by Japanese Anti-Aircraft Fire, which Killed his own Co-Pilot and Forced the Future President to Parachute into Enemy Territory and the Sea, as His Fighter Plane Catapulted to Destruction.

It was a Fortuitous Moment, because a
United States Naval Vessel was Nearby and
Brought the Exhausted and Bobbing George Bush
onto the Safety of the Bow of the Ship.

Following the End of World War II, George Bush Attended Yale University and Graduated in 1948; but not Before he was Captain of Yale’s Baseball Team and was Photographed with Babe Ruth.

Then he Talked his Young Wife Barbara into Moving to Texas, of all places. George Bush went on to Make a Name for Himself in the Oil Business but he was Drawn to Politics and had a Remarkable Career as a Member of Congress, Envoy to China, Director of the CIA, Chairman of the Republican National Party, and Vice-President of The United States.
George Bush Wearing World War II Bomber Jacket

He Became Vice-President after Waging an Aggressive Primary Campaign
Against the Eventual GOP Winner, Ronald Reagan. Interestingly, Neither Man Particularly Respected the other, at that time. However, Ronald Reagan, much to his Credit, Took a Second Look. And when he did, he turned to his Opponent
George Bush and Asked Him to be His 1980 Running-Mate.

These Two Great Men made a Tremendous Team Together. Each and Every Week,
Reagan and Bush Met Alone for Lunch and Each Man Grew to Personally Like
and have a Healthy Respect for the Other. Following this, George Bush went on
to Become The President of The United States and although he was a One-Term President, History will be Inclined to Look Upon Him in a Very Positive Vein.

Perhaps No Man in American History has ever been More Highly Regarded
by Foreign Heads of State than George H.W. Bush. When Ronald Reagan Passed
Away, President Bush was Asked to Deliver a Eulogy at the Washington National Cathedral. He did so; and the Words the President Uttered about the Former Commander in Chief were Like Poetry. President Bush Described
President Ronald Reagan in the Following Way...

“He Was Just The Most Decent Man I Ever Knew”.


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